Framework for IP Multicast in Satellite ATM Networks

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This paper proposes a design for IP multicast routing in hybrid satellite networks. The emergence of IP multicast for Internet group communication has placed focus on communication satellites as an efficient way to extend IP multicast services for groups with distributed membership in wide-area networks. This poses interesting challenges for routing. Satellite networks can have both wired and wireless links and also combine different link-layer technologies like Ethernet and ATM. No proposed IP multicast routing protocol for wired networks offers an integrated solution for such networks. This paper attempts to provide a solution by proposing a design for IP multicast routing in wide-area networks that have terrestrial Ethernet LANs interconnected by ATM-based satellite channels. The paper reviews the multicast services offered by IP and ATM, and proposes a multicast routing framework that combines PIM-SM protocol for terrestrial multicasting with the ATM MARS and VC mesh architecture for multicast routing over the satellite links. Modifications are made to the standard protocols to suit the unique needs of the network being considered. The feasibility of the proposed design is tested by performing simulations. The proposed framework is presented in detail, along with analysis and simulation results.