Selecting A Second Site for Prince George’s County Animal Shelter


Our PALS project team worked with Prince George’s County Animal Control to identify potential sites for a second animal shelter. After reading a 2016 feasibility study and meeting with Chief Rodney Taylor and other stakeholders, our team developed a hierarchy of site selection criteria. These included zoning, parcel size, transit access, and more. We then utilized GIS mapping and data analysis to draft a short list of approximately 30 possible sites. After this, we went through the options and eliminated any sites with prohibitive topography or accessibility issues. In the end, we were left with four potential sites. We presented these four options to the county on December 14, 2017. At this meeting, we also discussed potential research opportunities for the second semester of this project.


Final project for URSP688L: Planning Technologies (Fall 2017). University of Maryland, College Park.