Peace Building: Providing Opportunities for Resolution through the Built Environment

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Uniting a divided community is a challenge, especially when the community is divided by barriers of the mind. This thesis explores the relationship between the built environment and peacebuilding. More specifically, what role can architecture play in providing stability, unity and reconciliation? Can architecture pacify a conflicted society? To be located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the site of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, a major development in the peace process relating to The Troubles, this thesis proposes an International Center for Peace (ICP). Conceptualized as a Peace Pavilion in the Park, the ICP is a statement by Northern Ireland that it accepts its past and is moving forward towards a united future. The center promotes peace, stability and prosperity in Northern Ireland while accommodating the identities and rights of all who attend. It is a defining symbol for not only this country, but any conflicted society. Peace building can be fostered and facilitated through a peace building.