International Student Community

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In order to receive a more advanced and diverse education, more students opt for an international status and choose to apply for overseas universities. Not only are their course loads greater than domestic students, but also, they must learn to adapt to local culture and lifestyle. Furthermore, a social stigma may present itself between student bodies, especially as for some local students, a cultural disparity with “new” people of different backgrounds inevitably leads to moments of convergence.

As a sanctuary for learning and personal engagement, a campus setting will best serve as a testing grounds for this thesis proposal. University of Maryland has a collective diversity, which provides a great opportunity for development of international and local student communities. This community serves for the needs for both public space to hold people together and private space to help them feel as secure and comfortable as home.

The site for the new community is located near the campus in order to strengthen the connection with University of Maryland geographically and academically. The site is also close to public transportation, which opens opportunities for various prototypes of development to nearby urban centers, such as Greenbelt, Hyattsville, and Silver Spring. This thesis is aimed to present a model for future international student communities in other universities.