The New Clear Normal

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Both within the United States and abroad, the nuclear industry has seen a sharp decline in utilization due to a loss of public trust and/or economic factors. As energy demands grow on a global scale, and countries look to sustainable methods for meeting these needs there has been an opportunity for new advancements within the nuclear industry to viably present themselves. This thesis proposes the design of a nuclear power plant which utilizes small-modular-reactor(s) to be used for energy production and address other needs within the surrounding community, with integrated public facilities where possible. Through design, this facility will help to alleviate the damaged public perception of nuclear power and exhibit the new nuclear industry and its benefits over other forms of energy; It will provide context on past events and technology within the field, showing that, through architecture and site design the multiple aspects of a nuclear power plant site can be portrayed in a more upstanding manner to better accentuate the positive aspects that are inherently present within the industry. This thesis will ultimately establish that healing the social and environmental issues of the past will aid in the creation of a new, safe, sustainable, and reliable nuclear industry.