Road to Recovery: Bringing the Outdoors In

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Patients in oncology centers experience extreme physical and psychological anguish due to illness. Patients spend a lot of time in these facilities, often during the most turbulent times in their lives. Current healthcare facilities are designed around medical technology. Medical centers thrive on scientific ingenuity and innovative technology. However, through this process the wellbeing of patients is disregarded almost entirely, leaving healthcare facilities barren and cold. Incorporating biophilia into the design of healthcare facilities provides for a patient’s health and wellbeing. Utilizing biophilic design with a focus on health and wellness within healthcare design can transform the recovery of patients as they seek care. This thesis investigates how designing for a patient's wellbeing can benefit their medical experience. The philosophy for the design of this thesis is to utilize biophilic design approaches to focus on the wellbeing of patients as they receive care. This includes design strategies that include natural elements, views to nature, as well as a biophilic approach to materiality and lighting. The context for this project is a cancer center that incorporates biophilic design with the technology of modern medicine resulting in a facility that is designed for a patient's wellbeing.