Make and Remake: Adapting Library Makerspaces to Meet Institutional Needs

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Makerspaces have become a mainstay in many universities in the United States. At the University of Maryland (UMD), there are a variety of makerspaces available to the university community, including in private labs, classrooms, and specially built makerspaces within academic units. When makerspaces were first being conceived at UMD, maker technology was introduced through the University Libraries and grew to include spaces at multiple libraries on campus. As the number and variety of makerspaces has grown at UMD, the libraries have worked to remain competitive and current as other campus and corporate partners developed new makerspaces of their own. This poster will look at the genesis of makerspaces in the University Libraries at UMD and some of the initial services that were provided to the university community. This poster will also explore the changes that took place with the libraries’ makerspaces as other academic units on campus began developing their own makerspaces and offering a more diverse set of services. Finally, we will look at the reorganization of the UMD Libraries’ makerspace and future goals of the “maker” program in the library.