Bay of Bengal

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In “Bay of Bengal” Radhi returns home after several years. She is on a journey of self-discovery, imposed on her, in part, by her struggle with her work as a journalist. Each of the characters in this world are limited in some way. How do we manage to live fully in the presence of our individual, unique limitations of being human? A grandmother, incapable of not spreading gossip, is also capable of keeping a family secret from her vulnerable granddaughter. A mother who sends herself to exile to prove her anger, is also capable of unending love. Radhi, while capable of taking steps outside of her nature, is at times incapacitated by the limits of language. There are also moments of recollecting the past, admitting to the force of imagination, and acknowledging the power of youthful vulnerability. Though most of all, this is a story about a return to the heart.