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This thesis targets La Union, El Salvador, specifically the village of Huisquil, a harbor town that faces poverty and unhealthy living conditions. The goal is to build a safer, cheaper, and more sustainable home alternative for impoverished communities by using 3D printing technology as the main construction method. The thesis employs social media such as Facebook Groups in the region and Instagram Polls to determine major design decisions. The homes will respect the culture by using native materials mixed with concrete to contour new homes that employ phenomenology or an architectural approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience with a focus on light, vegetation, water and air. Traditional home building methods are inefficient, wasteful, and cost much more. The 2001 earthquake, economic turmoil and political unrest has affected thousands of families and this thesis focuses on how the layered home can serve as a modular beacon that encourages tranquility and stability within the community. The technological advancements will be used in a humanitarian way to protect this community through the architecture of homes.