Calvert Interim Report No. 6: Preliminary Analysis of Vertebrate Remains from the Calvert Site in Annapolis, Maryland and a Comparison with Vertebrate Remains from Sites in Souther Carolina, Georgia, and Jamaica

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Zooarchaeological evidence from the Calvert House, Annapolis, is compared to that from several southern Atlantic coastal plain sites. Although all sites are located in estuarine settings, less evidence for the use of seafood is found at either Governor Calvert's house or at urban sites on the southern coastal plain than at rural sites from the sea islands near Charleston. In other respects, the southern coastal plain data and data from the Calvert site are not similar. This may be related to the elite social status of the Calvert Household as well as to environmental differences between the Mid-Atlantic and the southern region. Finally, the evidence from these Atlantic coast sites are compared to data from 18th century plantations in Jamaica in order to underscore the observation that early English subsistence in the New World was diverse and exhibited regional variation.