Vapor Pressures of Saturated Aqueous Salt Solutions of Selected Inorganic Salts

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The vapor pressure of saturated aqueous salt solutions as functions of temperature have been measured for lithium bromide, lithium iodide, sodium bromide, potassium hydroxide, cesium fluoride, and zinc bromide. The temperature range is about plus s 0 c. to 70°c., with this range extended from minus 10°c. to plus 105°c. for lithium bromide and restricted to plus s 0 c. to 35°c. for sodium bromide. Vapor pressures, water 0 activities, and heats of vaporization and solution are tabulated at 5 C. intervals except in the vicinities of changes of hydration of the solid phase, where pressures and activities are plotted with sufficient frequency to show details. The experimental uncertainty in pressure is

  • 10 x 10-3 millibars and that in the heat of solution is+ 2 percent.