Sustainable Town Center: Wheaton, Maryland

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Population and automobile dependency are growing at a fast rate. This proliferation brings side problems, such as sprawl, shrinking of natural green areas, traffic, and air pollution. Bringing people back to the cities and relying on public transportation becomes important to solve or reduce some of these problems.

Wheaton, Maryland, has the potential to become a better place. This thesis proposes the implementation of a sustainable mixed-use complex to revitalize the Wheaton town center. The town center seeks to provide a sense of community and to improve the social, economical, and cultural image of the individual and indeed of the larger community.

Multiple family housing is the major component of this mixed income community that has access to various types of outdoor spaces which encourages interaction. The important uses, in addition to housing, of this mixed use community include office space, retail, and community services, such as a day care, a new mid county community center, and a police sub-station. This program affords the community the possibility to live, work, entertain, and shop within a pedestrian-friendly environment.