Suburban Cleansing: An Ecological, Economical and Social Intervention in Tysons Corner Virginia

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Suburban sprawl in America is destroying the environment and communities at an overwhelming rate. The rapid growth of unplanned suburban sprawl has led to increased traffic congestion, increased dependence on fossil fuels, worsening air and water pollution, lost open space and wetlands, increased flooding, destroyed wildlife habitat, and dying city centers.

There is a great need for a thorough investigation in the areas of suburban sprawl and how to transform them into sustainable developments. This thesis investigates Tysons Corner Virginia and attempts to transfigure it into an ecologically, economically, and socially responsible place.

The thesis exploration has three primary concentrations: a master plan, a site study within the master plan, and a proposed building typology. The master plan critiques the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan for Tysons Corner Urban Center and the Dulles Corridor Rapid Transit Project. Within the master plan is a more detailed analysis of a specific site that deals with environmental functions and preservation, adaptive reuse, and infill viability. Lastly, this thesis proposes a mixed-use housing typology that intervenes an existing regional mega-mall.