Fluxomic Evaluation of Bovine Embryo Nutrient Utilization

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One of the main factors that influence the success of embryo production is the culture medium that is used for embryo incubation. The nutritional diet composition can result in altered epigenetics that can negatively affect the health of the resulting offspring. This study focused on investigating the influence of medium components on the metabolic identity of the bovine embryo. This goal was accomplished by using carbon 13 labeling that can be detected with a mass spectrometer. The carbon 13 was initially provided in the form of a simple sugar that was later converted into lactic acid by the bovine embryo. The presence of fully labeled lactic acid after incubation demonstrated that the bovine embryo utilizes the aerobic glycolysis pathway for some energy generation. This pathway was shown to be used to a greater extent when glucose was the only simple sugar provided to the embryo compared to fructose.