Asian Studies Scholars and Their Research at the University of Maryland

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This local report summarizes the findings of scholarly research practices and needs of faculty members specializing in Asian Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park (hereafter UMD). UMD Libraries were invited to participate in ITHAKA S+R’s Research Support Services Project, which is part of a series of investigative studies regarding the research support needs of scholars by their discipline, specifically those underrepresented in the existing literature, such as Asian Studies. Two UMD librarians conducted the project’s protocol through in-depth qualitative analyses of the research practices of academics in Asian Studies at UMD. This project allowed participants the opportunity to voice their opinions on support and services along with the juxtaposition of their field to other disciplines on campus and in academe, in general.

Objectives of the study included 1) understanding resources and services that the interviewed faculty members required to be successful in their research; 2) recognizing challenges faced within their research approaches and practices; 3) comparing and contrasting choice of publication venues, including open access; 4) documenting interviewees’ opinions on what would simplify and/or promote their research; and 5) expressing their opinions on the current and future state of this field of study. The interviews provided insight into ways to improve the academic experiences of scholars and their research.


Report documenting research practices and needs of Asian Studies faculty at a public university.