Conference Proceedings Report: ASME-SERAD and UMD-CRR Interactive seminar & pre-workshop on the intersection of PRA and PHM

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This event is the first in a two-part series exploring the intersection of PRA and PHM in the context of complex engineering systems. Initially the workshop was planned as a fully in-person workshop to be held in April, 2020, but as with many events in 2020, it was postponed due to the travel restrictions resulting from COVID-19 pandemic. The organizers recognized that the online format isn't amenable to the deep discussions which were intended to be at the heart of the in person workshop, but we decided to try an experiment: to see if we could make a “pre-workshop” as interactive possible in an era of webinar fatigue. Thus the workshop was reimagined as an online, interactive pre-workshop in 2020, to be followed with the in person, discussion-heavy workshop to be held when we are able to travel again in 2021.


Pre-workshop held October 2, 2020 via web.