Essays on Health Care Satisfaction, Health Insurance, and Cancer Screening Among Veterans

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Objective: to determine differences in satisfaction of health care services among veterans based on insurance type/coverage and the impact of service utilization of cancer screening services among female veterans who have received health care services within past 12 months. Methods: IPUMS National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) for the years 2013-2018 were used and logistic regressions applied. Results: veterans with VA-only coverage are significantly more dissatisfied with the services they receive compared to veterans who have any-private coverage. Conclusion: there are differences between satisfaction of care among veterans based on insurance type, but differences do not impact cancer screening utilization among female veterans who utilized health care services within the past 12 months. Future work: findings could be utilized to determine ways to increase satisfaction of care received among veterans within the VA, or drive policy creation to allow veterans to access health care services at non-VA facilities.