Simulation and Analysis of Energy Consumption for Two Complex and Energy intensive Buildings on UMD Campus

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The Physical Sciences Complex and Eppley Recreational Center are multi-purpose buildings which are complex in functionality and are among the highest consumers of energy on the UMD campus. Building energy analyses used to identify energy efficiency measures to optimize energy efficiency in the buildings. Detailed building energy models were developed in EnergyPlus and OpenStudio that sought to mimic current operations of the buildings. PSC model results deviated respectively -1.05%, 1.19%, and 5.27% for electricity, steam, and chilled water. ERC model results deviated respectively 0.47%, 5.3%, and 2.2% from annual electricity, hot water, and gas. Four energy efficiency measures for the Physcial Sciences Complex provided energy model predicted energy savings of 3,757 MMBtu or 7.5% of the building’s energy consumption. Four efficiency measures were identified for the Eppley Recreation Center with energy model predicted energy savings of 3,390 MMBtu or 8.4% of the building’s energy consumption.