Engaging the Abandoned | Blurring the Edge of Baltimore's Forgotten Fortresses

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Baltimore’s Harbor Defense network consists of five fortresses that were built during the 19th century to protect the city in times of war. In the early 20th century, the need for these forts became less relevant and they were abandoned. Over time, two of these forts, Forts Armistead and Carroll, have faded into the background of the changing contexts around them, rendering them neglected, forgotten, and isolated from the public. This begs the question: how do these forts engage with an environment that no longer needs them?

This thesis will explore the creation of a spatial sequence through these forts that will re-engage the public with these relics while also re-engaging these forts with their present contexts. This proposal aims to revive the relationship between these two forts and to reimagine the way the public experiences these sites to strengthen their presence for future generations.