Prince George’s County Food Scraps Composting Pilot Program

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Anzalone, Brandt
Bevan, Patrick
Boyer, Clyde
Brody, Elliott
Cochran, Julius
Demissie, Yared
Gorczyca, Jonathan
Grove, Benjamin
Johnson, Chaya
Ngaku, Ingride
Mogul, Nicole
This project’s goal was to construct innovative ways to promote composting through the Prince George’s County Composting Pilot Program, working with the County’s project manager Denice Curry. Throughout this semester, we split the investigations into four different Design Projects. In these Design Projects, we cultivated our interviewing skills, learning how to note details and analyze body language and expressions, and used these skills to help us design prototypes that might motivate various groups of people to compost. This course not only involved learning about composting and sustainability, but also about ourselves; the lessons learned can continue to be cultivated throughout our lives and help us in future endeavors.
Final project for CPSP249E (Spring 2018). University of Maryland, College Park.