Benefits and Effects of Interactive Gaming Exercise as Compared to Traditional Exercise Techniques: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Physical Activity Levels and Mode of Activity in College Students


The objective of this research project was to determine the relationship between mode of activity and motivation to exercise. Specifically, the research aimed to discover if interactive video games are effective in motivating sedentary college students to exercise. The introduction discusses the problems of physical inactivity and obesity, the increased use of video games, and a proposed solution using interactive technology. For a ten-week period, sedentary University of Maryland – College Park students joined either the traditional exercise or interactive gaming group, with heart rates and activity levels documented throughout. Together, quantitative heart rate and activity data and qualitative participant feedback, illustrated that it was too difficult to collect significant data supporting a conclusion that one activity was a significantly better means to raise heart rates and motivate students to exercise. However, the data did support the importance of continuing research on potential benefits of interactive gaming for a sedentary population.


Gemstone Team F.I.T.N.E.S.S. (Fun Interactive Techniques for New Exercise and Sport Styles)