Alternate lower extremity resistance training to increase stability in young and elderly adults


The prevalence of falls in the elderly population and the high susceptibility of the elderly to resulting injuries constitute a major health, wellness, and financial problem in the United States. Studies have shown that through resistance training, the elderly can improve their muscular strength and their balance. In this study, we compared the effects of two different types of resistance training, whole-leg and individual-joint, on the muscle strength and balance capabilities of both college-aged and elderly participants. Using a matched-pair, random assignment design, we collected and analyzed data from participants using a motion analysis system, force plate, and leg press machine. We tested participants at regular intervals over the course of their six-week training programs. We hope that our results and conclusions will help pave the way for future research so that the elderly can experience a lower rate of falls and a better quality of life.


Gemstone Team BALANCE