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Conflict of interests: Meeting the needs and expectations of diverse users and stakeholders

dc.contributor.authorAlger, Susan
dc.contributor.authorBurns, Tesa Lark
dc.contributor.authorHenderson, Jennifer
dc.description.abstractS13. Meeting the needs and expectations of a wide array of users and stakeholders is a primary challenge we face as archivists. Panelists from Hershey Community Archives and Milton Hershey School Department of School History will discuss how they approach serving a wide-ranging group, all at once, and with limited staff. As both a corporate and community archives, HCA must balance the sometimes-conflicting missions of service to the Hershey Corporate Entities and educating the public, all while cultivating relationships with other community organizations. MHS School History endeavors to serve teachers, administrators, students, alumni, and more. Together, the two institutions collaborate to serve the Hershey community at large. Panelists will explore these challenges, possible solutions, and ongoing efforts to meet diverse user and stakeholder needs.en_US
dc.titleConflict of interests: Meeting the needs and expectations of diverse users and stakeholdersen_US

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