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Recent Submissions

  • Memory retrieval in parsing and interpretation 

    Schlueter, Ananda Lila Zoe (2017)
    This dissertation explores the relationship between the parser and the grammar in error-driven retrieval by examining the mechanism underlying the illusory licensing of subject-verb agreement violations (‘agreement ...
  • When does ellipsis occur, and what is elided? 

    Park, Dongwoo (2017)
    This dissertation is concerned with how elliptical sentences are generated. To be specific, I investigate when and in what module ellipsis occurs, and what is elided as a result of ellipsis. With regard to the first research ...
  • The role of input in discovering presuppositions triggers: Figuring out what everybody already knew 

    Dudley, Rachel Elaine (2017)
    This dissertation focuses on when and how children learn about the meanings of the propositional attitude verbs "know" and "think". "Know" and "think" both express belief. But they differ in their veridicality: "think" is ...
  • Parsing, Generation and Grammar 

    Momma, Shota Momma (2016)
    Humans use their grammatical knowledge in more than one way. On one hand, they use it to understand what others say. On the other hand, they use it to say what they want to convey to others (or to themselves). In either ...
  • On Experiencers and Minimality 

    De Oliveira Almeida Petersen, Maria Carolina (2016)
    This dissertation is concerned with experiencer arguments, and what they tell us about the grammar. There are two main types of experiencers I discuss: experiencers of psychological verbs and experiencers of raising ...

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