Linguistics Theses and Dissertations

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  • All about alles: The syntax of wh-quantifier float in German 

    Doliana, Aaron Gianmaria Gabriel (2021)
    This thesis offers an in-depth investigation of “wh-quantifier float” of the quantifying particle ‘alles’ in German. 'Alles' (etymologically, ‘all’) appears in wh-questions like 'Wen alles hat die Mare eingeladen?' (‘Who-all ...
  • Phasehood and Phi-Intervention 

    Thivierge, Sigwan (2021)
    This dissertation investigates the notion of phases in syntactic theory, and offers a reanalysis of certain phases as instances of phi(φ)-intervention. Under the standard view, phases are syntactic structures that, according ...
  • Identity Conditions on Ellipsis 

    Ranero Echeverría, Rodrigo (2021)
    This dissertation presents a new perspective on the identity condition underpinning ellipsis in natural language. It argues that the condition is irreducibly syntactic—at least in part—but the way this syntactic component ...
  • Finding modal force 

    Dieuleveut, Anouk (2021)
    This dissertation investigates when and how children figure out the force of modals, that is, when and how they learn that can/might express possibility, whereas must/have to express necessity. Learning modal force raises ...
  • The Psycho-logic of Universal Quantifiers 

    Knowlton, Tyler Zarus (2021)
    A universally quantified sentence like every frog is green is standardly thought to express a two-place second-order relation (e.g., the set of frogs is a subset of the set of green things). This dissertation argues that ...

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