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Recent Submissions


    Malko, Anton (2018)
    The main question that this thesis addresses is: in what way does structural information enter into the processing of long-distance dependencies? Does it constrain the computations, and if so, to what degree? Available ...
  • Adjunct Control: Syntax and processing 

    Green, Jeffrey Jack (2018)
    This dissertation analyzes the syntax and processing of adjunct control. Adjunct control is the referential relation between the implicit (PRO) subject of a non-finite adjunct clause and its understood antecedent, as in ...
  • Argument Roles in Adult and Child Comprehension 

    Ehrenhofer, Lara (2018)
    Language comprehension requires comprehenders to commit rapidly to interpretations based on incremental and occasionally misleading input. This is especially difficult in the case of argument roles, which may be more or ...
  • Relating lexical and syntactic processes in language: Bridging research in humans and machines 

    Ettinger, Allyson (2018)
    Potential to bridge research on language in humans and machines is substantial - as linguists and cognitive scientists apply scientific theory and methods to understand how language is processed and represented by humans, ...
  • A Structural Theory of Derivations 

    Stone, Zachary (2018)
    Operations which take in tuples of syntactic objects and assign them output syntactic objects are used to formalize the generative component of most formal grammars in the minimalist tradition. However, these models do not ...

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