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Recent Submissions

  • Balancing the Centuries: The Literary Career of Margaret Deland 

    Betz, Phyllis M. (1989)
    Margaret Deland was once a widely recognized and critically respected turn of the century American writer. Today, Deland is hardly recognized except in specialized studies of religious fiction. This study aims to reacquaint ...
  • A View of Earth from Distant Suns 

    Smith, Jason (2019)
    In keeping with the title, this collection of nine stories trains its lens on a broad range of human experience. What has resulted from this perspective is a cocktail of divergent genres, geographies, voices, and emotional ...

    Polek, Nicolette (2019)
    EIGHTY-SEVEN is a collection of stories that captures desire through compression and brevity. It draws the curtains on small windows that look into enormous, shifting houses. Characters are caught in moments where they are ...
  • School, State, and Nation: Educational Rhetorics at a Korean Women's College During and After Japanese Colonization, 1918–1965 

    Tillman, Nathan Wil (2019)
    “School, State, and Nation” examines how the leaders and students of Ewha College, founded by American missionaries in 1910 as Korea’s first college for women, used rhetorical strategies to negotiate Japanese colonial power ...
  • The Favor of Another: Labor and Precarity in Contemporary Fiction 

    Macintosh, John A. (2019)
    The Favor of Another: Labor and Precarity in Contemporary Fiction examines how fiction since 1980 responds to changes to the composition of labor and of work itself. In particular, it is interested in the representation ...

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