In Support of Abstinence-Plus Education: Evaluating the Shortcomings of Peer-to-Peer Education and Abstinence-Only Programs in the Context of Attitudes, Intentions, and Behaviors

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Anderson, Jesse
Gammons, Rachel
This paper examines three primary approaches to sexual education - abstinence-only, peer-to-peer, and abstinence-plus - and weighs their merits in the context of their influence on attitudes, behaviors, and intentions. The Big Decisions program espouses respectful, culturally-sensitive environment is essential to the success of any sexual education program. Pursuant to this belief, the curricula demonstrates sexual decision making through displays of loving relationships across cultures as well as in the context of participants’ personal aspirations in life. It encourages participants to clarify their personal limits and understand how the risks of STDs and teen pregnancy can impede personal goals established at the start of the program. Most importantly, the curriculum does not belittle or demonize teens who are already sexually active or teens who are in the LGBTQ+ community.
Winner of the 2021 Library IDEA Award for Undergraduate Research