Design for Just-In-Time: Resource Design for Self-Teaching Computer Science and Online Learning

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Lindeman, Carrie Lucille
Weintrop, David
The goal of this study is to investigate how just-in-time resources may support self-teaching for adult computer science learners who are new to coding. For people learning computer science on their own, just-in-time resources can be essential for solving problems. A popular online resource that computer scientists of all experience levels rely on is Stack Overflow, a forum that has a question and answer format. Resources like Stack Overflow can help new programmers problem-solve their code without consulting a teacher or professor. However, these resources may be creating barriers in the learning experience that should prepare them for future computer science education. By observing learners using just-in-time resources and interviewing learners about their habits, this thesis provides guidance on potential design suggestions for better supporting users’ future learning. Understanding how just-in-time materials currently support self-teaching for adult novice computer science learners will provide the foundation for these designs.