The Cunning Little Vixen: A Scenic Design

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Guarniere, Grace Limbach
Conway, Daniel
The purpose of this thesis is to provide research, supporting paperwork, production photographs, and other materials that document the scenic design process for The Cunning Little Vixen by the University of Maryland – College Park, Maryland Opera Studio. This thesis contains the following: scenic research images that express the play, and location, and inspiration that helped develop a common emotional vocabulary with the production team; preliminary sketches; photographs of the ¼” scale model; a full set of drafting plates and paint elevations used to communicate the design to the technical director and the paint charge; a prop list with research supporting, in detail, what is needed for hand props, set dressing, and consumable pieces for the prop master; and an epilogue of the continuing transformation of this production due to the unforeseen circumstance of COVID-19.