Solar Decathlon Middle East 2020: Team reACT REGENERATED

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  • PROJECT: 2020 Solar Decathlon Middle East, reACT reGENERATED: Final Report 

    Cossard, Patricia Kosco; Rockcastle, Garth; Adomaitis, Raymond; Stoltz, Angela; Hubbard, William; Koliji, Hooman; Hwang, Yunho; May, Peter; Quinn, Peter; Long, Kristy; Buck, Blaze; Hinojosa, Christine; Elmahadi, Alla; Bishop, Zachary; Emaikwu, Nehemiah; Huang, Siyue; Katz, Yehuda; reACT ThinkTank (2020-05-03)
    Team Maryland was invited to the 2020 Solar Decathlon Middle East for the purpose and intention of bringing US representation to this particular International Solar Decathlon competition. The reACT faculty leaders and their ...