Guided Lamb Wave Structural Health Monitoring Techniques for Aircraft Applications

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McCullum, Jacob Ryan
Wereley, Norman M
Growing aerospace industry interest in structural health monitoring (SHM) has led to the development of many damage detection and localization techniques which make use of guided Lamb Waves (GLW). To continue this growth, further development of these techniques is necessary with an industry-focused mindset through studies with realistic, complex aircraft structures. The present study applies GLW techniques to two aircraft structures and examines the feasibility of their use for practical SHM applications. Particularly this work focuses on evaluating the effects of complex structural features found in aircraft, examining the human interaction with GLW techniques, and enhancing GLW techniques using nontraditional dual PZT transducers. Several damage case studies are performed showing that damage can be detected and located, and limitations to the techniques are characterized. Moreover, the use of dual PZT transducers shows improvements to damage localization techniques which potentially enable greater flexibility for aircraft applications.