MARAC 2021 Spring - Virtual Meeting 12-16 April

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Recent Submissions

  • Elaine J. Coates & Wikipedia: Defining Subjectivity 

    Stranieri, Marcella (MARAC, 2021-04-12)
    In May 2020, The University of Maryland, College Park’s Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) launched a project to create Wikipedia pages for archival collections that meet the website’s notability requirements. ...
  • Session 4. Archives and FOIA in the Post-Unite the Right Rally Era 

    Ravanbakhsh, Arian; Baker, Timothy D.; Gernhardt, Alan; Rhyne, Megan (2021-04-12)
    In the years since the Unite the Right white supremacy rally in Charlottesville and the removal of Confederate statues in cities across the country, supporters and opponents have utilized archives and Freedom of Information ...
  • PLENARY: Making Invisible Women Visible: Women’s History and Women in the Archives, 1970 – 2020 

    Treadway, Sandra Gioia (2021-04-13)
    The development of women’s history as a vibrant field of study had a profound effect on the archival profession across the United States. Drawing on her experience as a historian of Virginia women and her work during the ...
  • Session 22. Restoring the Harmony: (Re)Establishing Order in Archives 

    Ameduri, Christine; LoSardo, Brianna; Perez, Heather; Sussmeier, Stephanie (2021-04-16)
    Managing an archival repository can be a daunting task for any professional archivist, but even more so when those collections have been “meddled” with by well-intentioned, but untrained personnel. Where do you begin to ...
  • Session 16. Challenging Women’s Suffrage Narratives 

    Coren, Ashleigh D.; Burdan, Amanda; Guberman, Rachel; Perrone, Fernanda (2021-04-15)
    Exhibitions provide archives, libraries, and museums the opportunity to consider new historical narratives, showcase collection materials, collaborate across the profession, and commemorate important historical events, ...

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