A Study of Intercollegiate Soccer Data In The United States From 1905 to 1961

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Cochrane, Cornelius R.P. Jr
Eyler, Marvin H.
While there have been several studies completed on the history of soccer in this country, the absence of complete and accurate records was frequently noted when attempting to trace various coaching and collegiate achievements in the sport. Therefore the general purpose of this study was: (1) to compile and record from the existing sources) as accurately and completely as was possible, an inclusive record of Intercollegiate soccer statistics in this country; (2) to study and analyze this data and to ascertain what implications, trends and conclusions) if any, could be drawn from this information. The desired information was gathered essentially from the NCAA Soccer Guides, the North American Soccer Guides) Soccer Journal, various newspaper articles and from correspondence and interviews with retired coaches and charter members of the National Soccer Coaches Association. The assembled information was presented in tabular form, leaving blank the years and areas where data was unobtainable. The first thirteen tables showed the specific findings of the study and the final three tables illustrated certain comparisons and conclusions. The specific findings of the study were: (1) A complete list of National Championship teams for the years 1905 to 1961 was reconstructed. (2) A list of annual champions and the year of organization for twenty-one collegiate soccer conferences was compiled. (3) All-American teams from 1909-1910 to 1961 were obtained with the exception of the 1919 team list. There was no All-American team in 1918. (4) The names of the officers of the three national college soccer organizations that existed during the period 1905 to 1961 were reconstructed. The names of the officers of the Intercollegiate Association Football League for 1905 through 1913 and 1918 through 1920 were not obtainable. (5) A list of Honor Award recipients of the National Soccer Coaches Association from 1942 through 1961 was compiled. (6) There were thirty college coaches who had coached soccer for twenty years or longer during the period from 1905 to 1961. (7) There were eighteen winstreaks of twenty or more consecutive soccer victories or ties during the years 1905 to 1961. (8) Eleven Olympic berths were earned by college players during the years 1924 to 1960.