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  • Manure to Energy Byproducts are Useful Nutrient Sources 

    Miller, Jarrod O (2017-05-30)
    Manure is a great fertilizer for nutrient-poor soils. However, when transport costs limit utilization, alternative uses such as energy production become viable. In most cases, manure-to-energy practices produce nutrient-rich ...
  • Providing Aerial Images Through UAVs 

    Miller, Jarrod O; Adkins, James; Tully, Kate (2017-02)
    Precision agriculture relies on accurate maps of soil properties and yield potential to uncover high- and low-yielding sections of a field. Some of these maps are obtained by remote sensing (gathering information from a ...
  • Organic Matter is an Essential Component of Soils 

    Miller, Jarrod O (University of Maryland Extension, 2016-06)
    Soils are composed of mineral and organic matter. Weathered rocks provide soil minerals, while organic matter forms from decayed animal and plant residues. An important component of healthy soil, organic matter helps ...
  • Precision Soil Sampling Helps Target Nutrient Application 

    Miller, Jarrod O; Yohn, Craig (2017-01-12)
    Precision agriculture allows modern producers to manage within fields rather than managing the whole field.By integrating global positioning systems (GPS), variable rate (VR) application equipment, and geographic information ...
  • Soil pH and Nutrient Availability 

    Miller, Jarrod O (2016-07)
    Fertilizers, whether commercial or from manure sources, will not be effective if soil pH isn’t managed. Besides nutrient availability, soil biology and pesticide efficacy can also be pH dependent. Unfortunately, due to ...

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