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  • Trade and Economic Growth in the Eighteenth Century Chesapeake 

    Hardy, Stephen Gregg (1999)
    This dissertation explores the growth of the economy of Maryland and Virginia from the late 1600s to 1775 using the Naval Officer Shipping Lists for these colonies. These records contain complete cargo and ship information ...
  • British Influence in Mesopotemia 1900-1914 

    Amin, Abdul Amir (1957)
    Although several European powers showed early interest in the Persian Gulf and Mesopotamia, its natural land extension, Britain was more successful than her rivals in exploiting commercial and political possibilities in ...
  • The MAORT Operation: A History of the Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) in Hungary 1938-1948 

    Kissh, Bela (1984)
    A multinational American company discovered oil in Hungary on November 20, 1937. The flowing wells produced crude for Hungary; 13ter, they supplied some of the military needs of Germany and the demands of the Soviet Red ...
  • The Organization and Use of the Maryland Militia in The Whiskey Rebellion, 1794 

    Rogers, Robin Michael (1978)
    This thesis is directed at the use of the Maryland militia during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 in western Pennsylvania. The call for militia, made by President Washington, was not well received in the state. The quota was ...
  • Climate and the Soviet Grain Crisis of 1928 

    Welker, Jean Edward (1995)
    This dissertation test the premise that peasant hoarding of surplus grain to state procurement apparatus during the late New Economic Policy period, caused the Grain Crisis of 1928. The peasants' reluctance to sell grain ...

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