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  • How Far Does the Grid Go? 

    Pantelis, Irene Noemi (2019)
    My artwork probes the connection between daily life and what I perceive as the larger grid out there—a mesh that entangles all peoples, beings and things, cuts across all time, and is always in flux. Drawing from my everyday ...
  • Do You Know Where You Are? 

    Dunklin, Clayton (2019)
    Do You Know Where You Are? is an exhibition comprised of video installations, sculptural objects, and images. The following is an explanation of the theory and inspiration behind the work as well as descriptions of the ...
  • More Level 

    Hurley, Mason Van Alstyne (2019)
    More Level is an exhibition of sculptures in The University of Maryland Art Gallery. The three sculptural works explore ideas in form, craft, space, and time. In the following, I describe my processes, personal experiences ...
  • The Crown: Paradise Reclaimed 

    Basch, Rebecca (2018)
    The story of my life and the story of my art are intrinsically connected. Through a personally authored story, that I identified as possessing the universal framework of the monomyth (as identified by Joseph Campbell), I ...
  • A Well Within A Sinking Ship 

    Bryant, Hugh Condrey (2018)
    A Well Within A Sinking Ship is an exhibition of sculptures in The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland. It comprises four sculptural works exploring formal and structural possibilities within the context of destruction, ...

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