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  • Decorative Specter 

    McWilliams, Noah Leonard (2021)
    This exhibition reflects a tragic and anticlimactic future. The ultimate outcome of human exploration of the universe will no doubt shed light on the dismal nature of our interpersonal relationships and grand aspirations ...

    Kunkel, Jeremy Thomas (2020)
    I am compelled by the underlying conflicts that feed conditions into the contemporary landscape. Conflicts stemming absurdities such as abuse and neglect by fostering a false sense of disconnect into the sedentary individual. ...
  • Wake Up, We're Not Asleep 

    Robertson, Matthew Hunt (2020)
    Title of Thesis: WAKE UP, WE’RE NOT ASLEEP Matthew Hunt Robertson, Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art, 2020 Thesis Directed By: Department Chair W.C. Richardson, Department of Art Wake Up, We’re Not Asleep is an ...
  • Mingling Echoes 

    Koch, Lauren Grace (2020)
    Mingling Echoes is an exhibition comprised of written word, alchemic reactions, found and repurposed objects, as well as sculptural forms of my own creation. All are abstractions from my subconscious, and they are blended ...
  • Entropic Construction 

    Thron, Michael Richard (2020)
    ENTROPIC CONSTRUCTION Michael Richard Thron Master of Fine Arts 2020 Professor of Sculpture, Foon Sham, Department of Fine Art ABSTRACT “Entropic Construction,” is an exhibition of an installation at The University ...

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