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  • A Comparison of the Effects of Three Instructional Activities on Elementary Students' Retention of Information 

    Glaser, Irene C. (1992)
    The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of three supplementary instructional activities on young students' retention of information. The study was based on Dewian and Piagetian theory regarding the central ...
  • Regarding the nature of things 

    Hird, Kevin (2017)
    The works discussed and shown herein are an investigation into the properties and possibilities of materials. Prompted by a sense of playfulness and exploration, these works build upon and combine the fields of Dadaism and ...
  • Mal-Content 

    Brooks, Curtis W. (2017)
    Mal-Content is a project culminating in an exhibition including several laser-cut etchings, a large vinyl application to the wall, and a small book of symbols. This document consists of visual documentation and an edited ...

    Benson, Zachariah Chyanne (2017)
    My work serves a purpose. I have a desire to build things, as most of my pieces show, to lift people up, to redeem people and to redeem materials. My work captures the aspects of life that I feel need to be highlighted, ...

    Wohrer, Dominique Andree (2017)
    Because of my personal history, I express myself through color, the language of the non-verbal. Ultramarine means beyond the sea, a reference to the foreign origin of lapis lazuli……….The thesis discusses the idea of color ...

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