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The National Center for Smart Growth (NCSG) works to advance the notion that research, collaboration, engagement and thoughtful policy development hold the key to a smarter and more sustainable approach to urban and regional development. NCSG is based at the University of Maryland, College Park, housed under the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, with support from the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, the A. James Clark School of Engineering, the School of Public Policy, and the Office of the Provost.

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Recent Submissions

  • BWI-Patapsco Greenway 

    Dalal, Avantika; Franklin, Joshua; Poole, Jason; Ren, Jen; Robinson, Laura (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2016)
    The proposed Patapsco Greenway Exchange would serve to connect the Patapsco Valley State Park, the BWI Transportation Zone, and the Baltimore Metropolitan. It is designed to do so for users of all ages and abilities while ...
  • Farm to Fork: Opportunities and Constraints 

    DiBernardo, Danielle; Lin, Jiawen; Luo, Zidan; Mishra, Satvik; Sanchez, Nick; Wang, Di (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2017)
    Our team devised a three-stage system to implement a food distribution network to serve Anne Arundel County clients including private retailers, public institutions such as schools and hospitals, and eventually privately-owned ...
  • Internally Connected, No Commercial, With a Touch of Open Space: The Neighborhoods of New Homes in the Portland Metropolitan Area 

    Song, Yan; Knaap, Gerrit (2004)
    For many years, neighborhoods have been classified as either “suburban” or “traditional.” But new homes today are built in many different types of neighborhoods with many different design features. In this paper, we develop ...
  • Performance Metrics Plan for the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services 

    Bool, Richard; Bruffey, Robert; Falak, Waleed (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2018)
    DHHS found that they were inefficiently recording data used to create their necessary reports. With more than 130 direct service programs and contracted services from 700 different providers, the data from those services ...
  • System Architecture for the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services 

    Saba, Azeez; Falak, Waleed; Mulli, Anna; Pham, Andrew (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2018)
    This design-oriented, community service project has the potential to improve productivity in Montgomery County's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) by providing a central standardized management system. The ...

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