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The National Center for Smart Growth (NCSG) works to advance the notion that research, collaboration, engagement and thoughtful policy development hold the key to a smarter and more sustainable approach to urban and regional development. NCSG is based at the University of Maryland, College Park, housed under the School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, with support from the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, the A. James Clark School of Engineering, the School of Public Policy, and the Office of the Provost.

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  • Montgomery Parks Outreach Strategy and Implementation Plan 

    The National Center for Smart Growth (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2017)
    CJRT is developing a long-term minority outreach engagement strategy and implementation plan for Montgomery Parks, an agency within the Maryland-National Capital Planning Park Commission (M-NCPPC). Montgomery Parks is a ...
  • Planning for the Future: Montgomery County Parks 

    Clauff, Jack; Cuenca, Joy; Farzin, Melissa; Vaughn, Angela; Waldron, Jeremy (Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS), 2018)
  • Housing Market Impacts of Inclusionary Zoning 

    Bento, Antonio M.; Knaap, Gerrit; Lowe, Scott (2008)
    Many communities across the country face affordable housing challenges. An increasing number of communities are considering inclusionary zoning as a response. Inclusionary zoning programs, which require developers to sell ...
  • Getting Cars Off the Road: The Cost-Effectiveness of an Episodic Pollution Control Program 

    Alberini, Anna; Baur, Patrick; Cropper, Maureen; Jiang, Yi (2010)
    Ground level ozone remains a serious problem in the United States. Because ozone non-attainment is a summer problem, episodic rather than continuous controls of ozone precursors are possible. We evaluate the costs and ...
  • Even Smarter Growth? Land Use, Transportation, and Greenhouse Gas in Maryland 

    Knaap, Gerrit; Welch, Timothy; Avin, Uri; Ducca, Fred; Mishra, Sabyasachee; Cui, Yuchen; Erdogan, Sevgi (2014)
    Urban form studies have generally used regional density vs. sprawl land use scenarios to assess travel behavior outcomes. The more nuanced but nonetheless important allocation of jobs and housing and their relationship ...

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