Water Mist Suppression in a Turbulent Line Burner

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Keller, Elizabeth
Marshall, Andre W
An experimental study of water mist fire suppression in a buoyant, turbulent diffusion flame is presented. An existing turbulent line burner facility was modified to allow for water mist suppression. These modifications include streamlining the oxidizer delivery system, facility improvements to increase mist generation efficiency, as well as the addition of a mist containment system and an enhanced exhaust flow to homogenize the water mist in the flame region and reduce secondary flows. Following these improvements, the capabilities of the water mist generation system were characterized both using a classical mass balance approach and using more modern advanced diagnostic techniques. The turbulent line burner facility fitted with the water mist improvements were applied to suppress a 50 kW methane flame. Species-based calorimetry was used to evaluate the global heat release rate and combustion efficiency to evaluate suppression behavior. Detailed local measurements of flame temperature were also performed and provide a useful data set for the evaluation of flame suppression response and for the validation of CFD fire models.