Time Reversed Electromagnetic Wave Propagation as a Novel Method of Wireless Power Transfer

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Cangialosi, Frank
Challa, Anu
Furman, Tim
Grover, Tyler
Healey, Patrick
Philip, Ben
Roman, Scott
Simon, Andrew
Tabatabai, Alex
Tao, Liangcheng
Anlage, Steven
We investigate the application of time-reversed electromagnetic wave propagation to transmit energy in a wireless power transmission system. “Time reversal” is a signal focusing method that exploits the time reversal invariance of the lossless wave equation to direct signals onto a single point inside a complex scattering environment. In this work, we explore the properties of time reversed microwave pulses in a low-loss ray-chaotic chamber. We measure the spatial profile of the collapsing wavefront around the target antenna, and demonstrate that time reversal can be used to transfer energy to a receiver in motion. We demonstrate how nonlinear elements can be controlled to selectively focus on one target out of a group. Finally, we discuss the design of a rectenna for use in a time reversal system. We explore the implication of these results, and how they may be applied in future technologies.