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Establishing the In-House Internet Archive Digitization Workflow

dc.contributor.authorCartier, Eric
dc.description.abstractThe Internet Archive hosts many digitized assets from the University of Maryland Libraries, and its staff performs the large scale scanning. There are some archival materials, however, that due to their size, quantity, and/or fragility, student digitization assistants scan on site in the Hornbake Digitization Center in College Park, Maryland. In the spring of 2014, the Digital Librarian helped to establish a workflow and documentation to track the materials as they progressed through description, digitization, and batch upload publication. The previously undocumented activities are now identified and assigned to the appropriate Libraries staff. This poster demonstrates how people in many departments—Special Collections and University Archives, Metadata Services Department, Digital Conversion and Media Reformatting, and Digital Programs and Initiatives—make this work happen as efficiently and effectively as possible.en_US
dc.subjectInternet Archiveen_US
dc.titleEstablishing the In-House Internet Archive Digitization Workflowen_US
dc.relation.isAvailableAtLibrary Research & Innovative Practice Forum
dc.relation.isAvailableAtDigital Repository at the University of Maryland
dc.relation.isAvailableAtUniversity of Maryland (College Park, Md)

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