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The collections in this community comprise faculty research works, as well as graduate theses and dissertations.

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  • Testing limits to airflow perturbation device (APD) measurements 

    Lopresti, Erika R; Johnson, Arthur T; Koh, Frank C; Scott, William H; Jamshidi, Shaya; Silverman, Nischom K (Springer Nature, 2008-10-31)
    The Airflow Perturbation Device (APD) is a lightweight, portable device that can be used to measure total respiratory resistance as well as inhalation and exhalation resistances. There is a need to determine limits to the ...
  • Microbial nar-GFP cell sensors reveal oxygen limitations in highly agitated and aerated laboratory-scale fermentors 

    Garcia, Jose R; Cha, Hyung J; Rao, Govind; Marten, Mark R; Bentley, William E (Springer Nature, 2009-01-15)
    Small-scale microbial fermentations are often assumed to be homogeneous, and oxygen limitation due to inadequate micromixing is often overlooked as a potential problem. To assess the relative degree of micromixing, and ...
  • Mapping the moral boundaries of biological engineering 

    Russ, Zachary N (Springer Nature, 2009-05-08)
    The following essay was written by a sophomore undergraduate student majoring in Bioengineering at the University of Maryland, Mr. Zachary Russ. Mr. Russ was one of 174 students who submitted a 1000–1200 word essay to the ...
  • The crosstalk between EGF, IGF, and Insulin cell signaling pathways - computational and experimental analysis 

    Zielinski, Rafal; Przytycki, Pawel F; Zheng, Jie; Zhang, David; Przytycka, Teresa M; Capala, Jacek (Springer Nature, 2009-09-04)
    Cellular response to external stimuli requires propagation of corresponding signals through molecular signaling pathways. However, signaling pathways are not isolated information highways, but rather interact in a number ...
  • Analysis of recent segmental duplications in the bovine genome 

    Liu, George E; Ventura, Mario; Cellamare, Angelo; Chen, Lin; Cheng, Ze; Zhu, Bin; Li, Congjun; Song, Jiuzhou; Eichler, Evan E (Springer Nature, 2009-12-01)
    Duplicated sequences are an important source of gene innovation and structural variation within mammalian genomes. We performed the first systematic and genome-wide analysis of segmental duplications in the modern domesticated ...

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