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  • Harm reduction behaviors are associated with carrying naloxone among patients on methadone treatment 

    Kozak, Zofia; Ciccarone, Daniel; Thrul, Johannes; Cole, Thomas O.; Pappas, Alexander L.; Greenblatt, Aaron D.; Welsh, Christopher; Yoon, Mark; Gann, Donald Jr.; Artigiani, E. Erin; Wish, Eric D.; Belcher, Annabelle M. (Springer Nature, 2023-02-14)
    Despite the widespread availability of naloxone, US opioid overdose rates continue to rise. The “Cascade of Care” (CoC) is a public health approach that identifies steps in achieving specific outcomes and has been used to ...
  • Report on the Organizational Climates of Congress 

    Hanges, Paul J; Lee, Frances; Miler, Kristina; Wessel, Jennifer (2019-10-24)
    The aim of this study is to gain a better understanding of Congress by attending to how the people who serve in the institution perceive Congress’ procedures, norms and expectations for their behavior. What are the “unwritten ...
  • Why We Follow Narcissistic Leaders 

    Gruda, Dritjon; Hanges, Paul J. (Harvard Business Review, 2023-01-30)
    A recent study aimed to understand narcissistic leaders and who is most likely to follow them. The results revealed a few patterns. If you are someone who is always looking out for others, empathizes with others, and ...
  • fMRI Meta-Analysis of Social Interaction via Joint Attention Paradigms 

    Edakoth, Esha; Glaros, Sophia; Harris, Riley; McGovern, Chelsea; Merchant, Junaid S; Tchangalova, Nedelina; Redcay, Elizabeth (2022-04-27)
    Joint Attention (JA) is the sharing of attention on a common object or event by two or more people. JA is an important precursor to the development of social cognitive skills needed for more sophisticated forms of social ...
  • “It’s all about asking from those who have walked the path”: Patient and stakeholder perspectives on how peers may shift substance use stigma in HIV care in South Africa 

    Magidson, Jessica F.; Rose, Alexandra L.; Regenauer, Kristen S.; Brooke-Sumner, Carrie; Anvari, Morgan S.; Jack, Helen E.; Johnson, Kim; Belus, Jennifer M.; Joska, John; Bassett, Ingrid V.; Sibeko, Goodman; Myers, Bronwyn (Springer Nature, 2022-09-21)
    South Africa has the highest number of people with HIV (PWH) globally and a significant burden of co-occurring substance use disorder (SUD). Health care worker (HCW) stigma towards SUD is a key barrier to HIV care engagement ...

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