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The Library Research & Innovative Practice Forum is an annual event in June featuring lightning talks, presentations, and poster sessions by UMD Libraries’ librarians and staff.

Недавние добавления

  • Tim Burton: Character Network Analysis 

    Falk, Nickolas (2015-06-20)
    Social network theory can contribute to the understanding of the structural properties of a movie and the data contained within it. The meaning or importance of the individual characters and the community in a movie is ...
  • Assessing effectiveness of communication and collaboration platforms at USMAI partner campuses 

    Dahl, David; Hanson, Heidi; Koivisto, Joseph (2017-06-08)
    The USMAI library consortium — originally formed to capitalize on cooperative resource sharing — provides partner institutions with a knowledge-sharing network and a pool of talented, insightful collaborators. By combining ...
  • Our Stories in Numbers 

    Barnachea, Lutgarda (2017-06-08)
    Selected statistics about the UMD Libraries' collections, use of collections, transactions, among others, are included in this presentation. Multi-year data is presented to show the Libraries' 'stories' through the years.
  • The Writer's Voice: The Sound Recordings of Katherine Anne Porter 

    Cartier, Eric (2017-06-08)
    The Texan-born American writer Katherine Anne Porter made sound recordings of her readings, conference speeches, classroom lectures, interviews, public ceremonies, and personal telephone conversations. Paul Porter, Jr., ...
  • Archiving Punk at Special Collections in Performing Arts (SCPA) 

    Davis, John (2017-06-08)
    Since 2014, Special Collections in Performing Arts (SCPA) has stewarded several collections of archival material related to the punk rock subculture in Washington, D.C. My poster presents a description of the work SCPA is ...

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