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Recent Submissions

  • The Electrophysiology of Basic Phrase Building 

    Neufeld, Chris; Kramer, Stephanie E.; Lapinskaya, Natalia; Heffner, Christopher C.; Malko, Anton; Lau, Ellen F. (PLoS (Public Library of Science), 2016-10-06)
    A defining trait of linguistic competence is the ability to combine elements into increasingly complex structures to denote, and to comprehend, a potentially infinite number of meanings. Recent magnetoencephalography (MEG) ...
  • The Immune Syntax Revisited: Opening New Windows on Language Evolution 

    Benítez-Burraco, Antonio; Uriagereka, Juan (Frontiers, 2016-01-11)
    Recent research has added new dimensions to our understanding of classical evolution, according to which evolutionary novelties result from gene mutations inherited from parents to offspring. Language is surely one such ...
  • Quantification and Second-Order Monadicity 

    Pietroski, Paul (Blackwell, 2003)
    The first part of this paper reviews some developments regarding the apparent mismatch between the logical and grammatical forms of quantificational constructions like 'Pat kicked every bottle'. I suggest that (even given ...