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The collections in this community comprise faculty research works, as well as graduate theses and dissertations.

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  • Prosodic Structure as a Parallel to Musical Structure 

    Heffner, Christopher C.; Slevc, L. Robert (2015)
    What structural properties do language and music share? Although early speculation identified a wide variety of possibilities, the literature has largely focused on the parallels between musical structure and syntactic ...
  • To Inherit the Wind: Margo Jones as Director 

    Housley, Helen Marie (1991)
    Margo Jones was an important force in the American theatre. Noted as theatrical producer, nurturer of new playwrights, initiator of professional arena staging, and founder of the regional theatre movement, Jones directed ...
  • Mary Shelley and Utopian Domesticity 

    Sites, Melissa Jo (2002)
    In her seven novels and other writings, Mary Shelley critiques traditional restrictive domestic ideology while developing a feminist utopian vision of domesticity. She begins with Wollstonecraft's prescription for women's ...
  • The Solo Piano Music of Robert Starer 

    Ayesh, Kevin Bradley (1990)
    This dissertation consists of a tape recording of the complete solo piano music to date of Robert Starer (b. 1924), and a supplemental, descriptive essay that is designed to be considerably more detailed than the usual ...
  • Betrayal and Moral Imagination: A Study of Joseph Conrad's Five Major Works 

    Wang, Chull (1990)
    A series of Joseph Conrad's five major novels, beginning with Lord Jim (1900), followed by Nostromo (1904), The Secret Agent (1907), Under Western Eyes (1911), and concluding with Victory (1915), are all concerned with the ...

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