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The collections in this community comprise faculty research works, as well as graduate theses and dissertations.

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  • How Far Does the Grid Go? 

    Pantelis, Irene Noemi (2019)
    My artwork probes the connection between daily life and what I perceive as the larger grid out there—a mesh that entangles all peoples, beings and things, cuts across all time, and is always in flux. Drawing from my everyday ...
  • A View of Earth from Distant Suns 

    Smith, Jason (2019)
    In keeping with the title, this collection of nine stories trains its lens on a broad range of human experience. What has resulted from this perspective is a cocktail of divergent genres, geographies, voices, and emotional ...
  • Perception, Space, Movement: Illusionistic Ceilings in Seventeenth-Century Rome 

    Newman, Vianna (2019)
    The seventeenth century marked the emergence in Italy of a novel type of painted illusion: quadratura. Its practitioners created a new genre of art, with ceilings as its domain, which relied upon linear perspective and the ...

    Polek, Nicolette (2019)
    EIGHTY-SEVEN is a collection of stories that captures desire through compression and brevity. It draws the curtains on small windows that look into enormous, shifting houses. Characters are caught in moments where they are ...

    Visceglia, Victoria Lynn (2019)
    The Second Vatican Council provided ample opportunity for individual Catholic parishes to choose music that suited their congregations and contribute to the “Universal Church” through their particularity. St. Augustine ...

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