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The collections in this community comprise faculty research works, as well as graduate theses and dissertations.

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  • George Wesley Bellows' War Lithographs and Paintings of 1918 

    Wasserman, Krystyna (1981)
    This thesis analyzes the sources, subject matter and style of George Bellows' seventeen war lithographs, five paintings and five drawings of 1918. Evidence is advanced to prove that the political developments of the ...
  • Integrating Baltimore: Protest and Accommodation, 1945-1963 

    Horn, Vernon Edward (1991)
    After the Second World War, non-violent direct action protest became the tool of choice for civil rights workers. During the war democratic rhetoric and extended interracial contact inspired many blacks and some whites to ...
  • Jane Austen: The Moral Imperative 

    Carter, Barbara Sue (1976)
    According to Edward Austen-Leigh and subsequent critical tradition, Jane Austen urged no system of morality save the inferiority of low to high principles. While she propounds no religious doctrine, the six novels reveal, ...

    Wood, Rachel (2021)
    Various factors can impact someone’s efficient and effective use of technology. However, thesetopics are often disconnected and, as a result, may only partially describe the ecosystem of factors that can influence an ...
  • The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men: Official Narratives and American Meaning-Making in World War II 

    Kirchner, Christine (2021)
    During World War II, the U.S. government attempted to shape how Americans made sense of the war and control how they understood its meaning. Despite the government’s comprehensive efforts and major accomplishments like ...

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