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Recent Submissions

  • Nutrient co-limitation of primary producer communities 

    Harpole, Stanley; Ngai, Jacqueline; Cleland, Elsa; Seabloom, Eric; Borer, Elizabeth; Bracken, Matthew; Elser, James; Gruner, Daniel; Hillebrand, Helmut; Shurin, Jonathan; Smith, Jennifer (Blackwell, 2011)
    Synergistic interactions between multiple limiting resources are common, highlighting the importance of co-limitation as a constraint on primary production. Our concept of resource limitation has shifted over the past two ...
  • Effects of diet quality on performance and nutrient regulation in an omnivorous katydid 

    Pearson, Rachel; Behmer, Spencer; Gruner, Daniel; Denno, Robert (Blackwell, 2011)
    1. Omnivores by definition eat both plants and animals. However, little is known about how diet macronutrient content affects omnivore performance, or the extent to which they can regulate macronutrient intake. We assessed ...
  • Evidence for divergent selection between the molecular forms of Anopheles gambiae: role of predation 

    Diabaté, Abdoulaye; Dabiré, Roch K; Heidenberger, Kyle; Crawford, Jacob; Lamp, William O; Culler, Lauren E; Lehmann, Tovi (Springer Nature, 2008-01-11)
    The molecular forms of Anopheles gambiae are undergoing speciation. They are characterized by a strong assortative mating and they display partial habitat segregation. The M form is mostly found in flooded/irrigated areas ...
  • Toward reconstructing the evolution of advanced moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera: Ditrysia): an initial molecular study 

    Regier, Jerome C; Zwick, Andreas; Cummings, Michael P; Kawahara, Akito Y; Cho, Soowon; Weller, Susan; Roe, Amanda; Baixeras, Joaquin; Brown, John W; Parr, Cynthia; Davis, Donald R; Epstein, Marc; Hallwachs, Winifred; Hausmann, Axel; Janzen, Daniel H; Kitching, Ian J; Solis, M Alma; Yen, Shen-Horn; Bazinet, Adam L; Mitter, Charles (Springer Nature, 2009-12-02)
    In the mega-diverse insect order Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths; 165,000 described species), deeper relationships are little understood within the clade Ditrysia, to which 98% of the species belong. To begin addressing ...
  • DNA binding activities of the Herves transposase from the mosquito Anopheles gambiae 

    Kahlon, Amandeep S; Hice, Robert H; O'Brochta, David A; Atkinson, Peter W (Springer Nature, 2011-06-20)
    Determining the mechanisms by which transposable elements move within a genome increases our understanding of how they can shape genome evolution. Class 2 transposable elements transpose via a 'cut-and-paste' mechanism ...

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