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Recent Submissions

  • New Coronavirus Food Assistance Program May Provide Relief to Maryland Growers Due to COVID-19 Losses 

    Goeringer, Paul (2020-05)
    USDA recently announced the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), a program of financial assistance for growers impacted by disruptions due to COVID-19, specifically for commodities which have seen a 5 percent loss ...
  • Commercial Landscape Series: Mulch Problems 

    Clement, David L.; Malinoski, Mary Kay (University of Maryland Extension, 2011-12)
    This publication presents information with illustrations to help correctly identify and address problems with mulch.
  • Carpenter Ants 

    Breisch, Nancy L.; Thorne, Barbara L. (University of Maryland Extension, 1998)
    This factsheet describes the appearance, behavior and control of carpenter ants.
  • Mining Bees & Ground Nesting Wasps 

    Malinoski, Mary Kay (University of Maryland Extension, 2006)
    This factsheet describes the behaviors and control of mining bees and ground nesting wasps with additional illustration for cicada killer and Scoliid wasps.
  • Guide to Controlling Weeds in Cool Season Turf 

    Ricigliano, Debra (University of Maryland Extension, 2016)
    This factsheet presents advice for cultural practices and herbicide selection and use to maintain turf which grows actively in the spring and fall.

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