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Recent Submissions

  • Simulation source code for "Myosin and α-actinin regulation of stress fiber contractility under tensile stress" 

    Ni, Haoran; Ni, Qin; Papoian, Garegin A.; Trache, Andreea; Jiang, Yi (2023)
    Stress fibers are actomyosin bundles that regulate cellular mechanosensation and force transduction. Connecting to extracellular matrix through focal adhesion complexes, stress fibers actively generate contractile forces ...
  • Data for "A tug of war between filament treadmilling and myosin induced contractility generates actin ring" 

    Ni, Qin; Wagh, Kaustubh; Pathni, Aashli; Ni, Haoran; Vashisht, Vishavdeep; Upadhyaya, Arpita; Papoian, Garegin A. (2022-06-23)
    In most eukaryotic cells, actin filaments assemble into a shell-like actin cortex under the plasma membrane, controlling cellular morphology, mechanics, and signaling. The actin cortex is highly polymorphic, adopting diverse ...
  • Reorganizing Nothingness 

    Misner, Charles W (2017)
    This note is directed to scientists who intend to help wide audiences better understand current science progress. It sketches, in mostly qualitative descriptions, what is known about simple black holes. It describes black ...
  • Evanescent Laws 

    Misner, Charles W (2012-04-23)
    The invited talk (not recorded) for which these slides were prepared discusses the properties of a physics law which suggest it should be called 'Evanescent'. This occurs when, in some domain, either – It becomes irrelevant ...
  • Dynamical symmetry indicators for Floquet crystals 

    Yu, Jiabin; Zhang, Rui-Xing; Song, Zhi-Da (Springer Nature, 2021-10-13)
    Various exotic topological phases of Floquet systems have been shown to arise from crystalline symmetries. Yet, a general theory for Floquet topology that is applicable to all crystalline symmetry groups is still in need. ...

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