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Recent Submissions

  • Remarkable structural transformations of actin bundles are driven by their initial polarity, motor activity, crosslinking, and filament treadmilling 

    Chandrasekaran, Aravind (2019)
    Bundled actin structures play a key role in maintaining cellular shape, in aiding force transmission to and from extracellular substrates, and in affecting cellular motility. Recent studies have also brought to light new ...
  • Problem Sets for Organic Spectroscopy 

    Isaacs, Lyle (2018)
    This folder contains organic structural spectroscopy problems used by Dr. Isaacs in his Chemistry 460 course at the University of Maryland. Each problem contains 1H, 13C, DEPT, COSY, HSQC, and HMBC NMR spectra that were ...
  • An intercalation-locked parallel-stranded DNA tetraplex 

    Tripathi, Shailesh; Zhang, Daoning; Paukstelis, Paul J. (Oxford University Press, 2015-01-27)
    DNA has proved to be an excellent material for nanoscale construction because complementary DNA duplexes are programmable and structurally predictable. However, in the absence of Watson– Crick pairings, DNA can be ...
  • MEDYAN: Mechanochemical Simulations of Contraction and Polarity Alignment in Actomyosin Networks 

    Popov, Konstantin; Komianos, James; Papoian, Garegin A. (2016)
    Active matter systems, and in particular the cell cytoskeleton, exhibit complex mechanochemical dynamics that are still not well understood. While prior computational models of cytoskeletal dynamics have lead to many ...
  • Treefall 

    Hansen, John; Hansen, J. Norman; Hansen, John Norman (Vantage Press, 1999-12)
    This file is an electronic facsimile of Treefall as published in book form by Vantage Press, 1999. It was authored by John Hansen, who is also J. Norman Hansen and John Norman Hansen at the University of Maryland, College ...

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