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Determination of the dynamics of feline follicle metabolism

dc.contributor.advisorBequette, Brian Jen_US
dc.contributor.authorColvin, Jennifer Lynnen_US
dc.description.abstractThe metabolism of feline follicles has been largely overlooked in reproductive science. The primary objective of this study was to determine differences in metabolite profiles and glucose carbon fluxes in feline follicles of different developmental stages and subjected to different developmental environments. Glycolytic flux, cholesterol (P <0.0001), pyruvic acid (P <0.0001), myo-Inositol (P =0.0003) and proline (P <0.0001) were higher in late versus early antral follicles. Serine (P =0.0085), threonine (P <0.0001), and valine (P =0.0025) were significantly higher in early antral follicles cultured <italic>in vitro</italic> than those derived directly from feline ovaries; however, glucose carbon flux was not significantly different. The current study suggests that early antral follicles undergo significant metabolic changes before progressing to the late antral stage. While it appears that early antral follicles have diminished capacity to progress to the late antral stage <italic>in vitro</italic>, it does not appear to be due to fundamental metabolic differences.en_US
dc.titleDetermination of the dynamics of feline follicle metabolismen_US
dc.contributor.publisherDigital Repository at the University of Marylanden_US
dc.contributor.publisherUniversity of Maryland (College Park, Md.)en_US
dc.contributor.departmentAnimal Sciencesen_US
dc.subject.pqcontrolledAnimal sciencesen_US

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