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Recent Submissions

  • Cytonemes coordinate asymmetric signaling and organization in the Drosophila muscle progenitor niche 

    Patel, Akshay; Wu, Yicong; Han, Xiaofei; Su, Yijun; Maugel, Tim; Shroff, Hari; Roy, Sougata (Springer Nature, 2022-03-04)
    Asymmetric signaling and organization in the stem-cell niche determine stem-cell fates. Here, we investigate the basis of asymmetric signaling and stem-cell organization using the Drosophila wing-disc that creates an adult ...
  • Mating can initiate stable RNA silencing that overcomes epigenetic recovery 

    Devanapally, Sindhuja; Raman, Pravrutha; Chey, Mary; Allgood, Samual; Ettefa, Farida; Diop, Maïgane; Lin, Yixin; Cho, Yongyi E.; Jose, Antony M. (Springer Nature, 2021-07-09)
    Stable epigenetic changes appear uncommon, suggesting that changes typically dissipate or are repaired. Changes that stably alter gene expression across generations presumably require particular conditions that are ...
  • A sensitive flow cytometric methodology for studying the binding of L. chagasi to canine peritoneal macrophages 

    Gonçalves, Ricardo; Vieira, Etel R; Melo, Maria N; Gollob, Kenneth J; Mosser, David M; Tafuri, Wagner L (Springer Nature, 2005-05-24)
    The Leishmania promastigote-macrophage interaction occurs through the association of multiple receptors on the biological membrane surfaces. The success of the parasite infection is dramatically dependent on this early ...
  • SNPs3D: Candidate gene and SNP selection for association studies 

    Yue, Peng; Melamud, Eugene; Moult, John (Springer Nature, 2006-03-22)
    The relationship between disease susceptibility and genetic variation is complex, and many different types of data are relevant. We describe a web resource and database that provides and integrates as much information as ...
  • Influence of sequence identity and unique breakpoints on the frequency of intersubtype HIV-1 recombination 

    Baird, Heather A; Gao, Yong; Galetto, Román; Lalonde, Matthew; Anthony, Reshma M; Giacomoni, Véronique; Abreha, Measho; Destefano, Jeffrey J; Negroni, Matteo; Arts, Eric J (Springer Nature, 2006-12-12)
    HIV-1 recombination between different subtypes has a major impact on the global epidemic. The generation of these intersubtype recombinants follows a defined set of events starting with dual infection of a host cell, ...

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